Monday, August 13, 2012

orientation doesn't affect growth

A scientific experiment displayed at the Arlington County Fair supports the hypothesis that orientation has no effect on growth.  The young scientist conducting the experiment grew radish plants right side up and upside down.  Here are the full reported results:
The results of the experiment showed that plants that are hung upside {down} have little, or no difference in growth compared to plants that are right side up. The final height of all the plants was around 9 cm. The only difference was that the plants hung upside down turned slightly upward toward the sun light from the window.  The plants right side up grew upwards and did not turn side ways to face the sun.  Two of the Radish plants, that were hanging up side down, died.  
While the Ode Street Tribune regrets that two radish plants died in this experiment, the Tribune believes that the advancement of knowledge is worth that sacrifice.   Vegetable competitions and scientific experiments should be expanded at the Arlington County Fair, even if that requires cutting back on games and rides.

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