Thursday, August 23, 2012

talk with artist Heather Day at Artisphere

Life is complicated.  So is Heather Day's art.  Her art works across buildings in urban environments and personal relationships.  Think accreting, marring, decay, and refurbishment.  Structures are knocked to the ground.  New layers of development are added, undermining and overlaying.  A path winds through the space.  Another path crosses it.

These are paintings with a physicality that pushes beyond the surface.  You'll see in these paintings ripples and seams.  You'll see stitches and threads. The painted marks continue across the right angles of canvas stretched across the wooden frame.

Every line, stroke, drop, and stitch Heather has pondered and thought through from every angle.  The superficial roughness of her work is matched with a deeply feminine sensibility.  Her work resonates with the urban core and coursing vitality of lovely Rosslyn.

If you don't normally engage with abstract contemporary art, Heather Day's onsite residency at Artisphere is a great opportunity to observe and talk with a real flesh-and-blood artist intensely serious about doing abstract contemporary art.  Heather is working artistically in Artisphere's Works-in-Progress Gallery Friday and Saturday from 4pm to 8pm, and Sunday from noon to 4pm, every weekend through Sunday, September 16.  Head over to Artisphere to see Heather Day's work and to say hi.  Don't be shy.  While serious about her art, Heather is a very friendly artist!

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