Thursday, September 6, 2012

Artisphere fosters artistic concentration

Rosslyn is home to many hard-working artists and designers.  Recently the Ode Street Tribune discovered graphic designer Feven Amenu hard at work in Artisphere's Wi-Fi Town Hall.  Amenu will soon graduate from Rosslyn's Art Institute of Washington.  She was working on a website to showcase her amazing portfolio of work.

Some critics who will remain unnamed because the Tribune prefers to celebrate vegetables than to engage in mudslinging with critics who don't understand and appreciate true local news have accused the Tribune of being at times unfocused.  Irrespective of that issue, the Tribune confesses to be impressed with Amenu's artistic concentration. 

As the video above documents, it's a crazy world out there.  Feven Amenu doesn't let it distract her.  Don't let it distract you.

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