Thursday, November 15, 2012

guerrilla brigade infiltrated

An Ode Street Tribune Covert Operations Team has successfully infiltrated the guerrilla brigade plotting to yarn bomb downtown Rosslyn.  The group is knitting to create colorful tree clothes:
The artwork will feature “mosaics” of geometric units (circles, webs, hexagons, triangles, diamonds, paisleys, squares and rectangles) in a bright palette inspired by Art Deco ceramics — orange, red, blue, yellow turquoise and hot pink — overlaid with knitted and crocheted replicas of Virginia native flora and fauna (magnolias, dogwood, echinacea, trumpet vine, butterflies, beetles, spiders, moths, snakes, skinks, mudpuppies, etc). [information uncovered through the Arlington Library]
The Rosslyn BID has funded the project, which will help visitors find their way from the Rosslyn Metro to Artisphere.  Here are examples of the knitted pieces.  This guerrilla brigade is meeting every Wednesday at 6-9pm at Artisphere through Feb. 27 (no meetings on Dec. 12 and Dec. 26).  Some of the future Wednesday meetings will include speakers on craftivism and other knitting-related topics.  Persons who cannot travel to Artisphere can knit in their own homes pieces to contribute to the project.

The Tribune has learned that an elaborate knitted vine has been contributed by two women from the Aurora Hills Senior Center.  These women are so skilled that they never use designs or patterns.  They can just look at something and then knit it.  They are a top priority for surveillance and should be carefully watched.

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