Tuesday, December 4, 2012

printing-press malfunction temporarily suspends Tribune

The Ode Street Tribune's journalist, who is also required to set type for the Tribune's printing press, has reported to management that the paper has jammed in the press.  Management has ordered the journalist to fix the press immediately.  Publication of the Tribune should resume tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

The head-in-the-sand management of the Ode St. Tribune should focus more on its digital future than its ink-stained past. For example, I'll bet management is completely unaware of the fact that the link to the OST that was once prominently posted in ArlingtonNOW is nowhere to be found. This is likely to deal a devastating blow to OST's on-line traffic, a hit I'm estimating could cause a 65.67% drop in its on-line revenues.

Douglas Galbi said...

Thanks for the information about the change at ArlNow. Management has now discussed the matter. The Ode Street Tribune has had sidebar links to ArlNow and other local news sources since its founding. OST will not change just because the competition has changed. OST will continue to host its links to diverse local news sources.

To improve OST news distribution, management is drawing up plans for a network of newspaper routes. Anyone looking for a job as a news carrier should apply to the Tribune. The job will provide excellent exercise but no pay.

Anonymous said...

OST management's response to these crisis will be one that the business schools will study for years to come