Saturday, February 16, 2013

art in Artisphere's men's bathroom

Artisphere's men's bathroom features a faux readymade installation.  On the front wall of a bathroom stall is printed, much more formally than normal bathroom graffiti:

In last week's issue of 
Community Life, a picture 
caption listed some unusual
gourmet dishes that were en-
joyed at a Westwood Library
party for students enrolled in 
a tutorial program for con-
versational English.  Mai Thai 
Finn is one of the students in 
the program and was in the 
center of the photo.  We in-
correctly listed her name as 
one of the items on the menu. 
Community Life regrets the 

Pascack Valley (N.J.) 
Community Life 2/25/81
This correction is a realistic representation of the challenges of local journalism, and it shows the integrity of a high-quality local news source.  Yet the installation also references the large body of newspaper-related art recently on display in the National Gallery's exhibit, Shock of the News.  It also circumstantially gestures toward Marcel Duchamp's Fountain, behind only Masterwork in Bluish as the most influential modern art work of the past century.

In other Rosslyn art news, Leo the Anti-Gravity Show filled Rosslyn's Spectrum Theatre tonight.  With simultaneous video and live performance, the show brilliantly played with viewing orientation.  The audience loved the show.  The Ode Street Tribune pledges to follow the example of the Leo Anti-Gravity Show more often.

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