Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bicicleta Rug at Artisphere Design Festival

The Next Wave Industrial Design Festival now at Artisphere includes Nani Marquina & Ariadna Miquel's Bicicleta Rug.  This rug, a prototype manufactured in Spain in 2010, is made from 100% recycled bicycle inner tubes.  It feels like a cross between a shag rug and a waterbed.  Not recommended for households with dogs or cats.  Experience what it feels like for yourself at Artisphere!

The Ode Street Tribune has been a strong advocate for old bike inner tubes even while enduring a stinging backlash from the duct-tape community.  This innovative, European-designed rug vindicates the Tribune's old bike inner tube position. 


Anonymous said...

It is indeed unfortunate that the Ode Street Tribune, like almost all great institutions, appears to have an Achilles’ heel. The Tribune’s inferiority complex related to bicycle inner tubes is so out of character considering its fearless crusading in other areas. The Tribune has reported on countless stories that were missed by the fading main line traditional news sources. Given that the Tribune has a solid place as an important Rosslyn institution, the Tribune need now fear duct tape. Duct tape is not out to completely replace and do away with bicycle inner tubes. Bicycle inner tubes do have a small sphere where they serve a minor useful purpose. The almost universal applicability of duct tape to solve practically any problem does not mean that people who advocate the use of duct tape feel any ill will toward bicycle inner tubes. Even though bicycle inner tubes are inferior to duct tape with respect to repairing almost anything, it does not mean that bicycle inner tubes cannot find some minor limited sphere where they may be of some minor use. I suggest that the Tribune fight off its inferiority complex and join the Duct Tape band wagon.

Douglas Galbi said...

We've said it before, we'll say it again: there is no problem that an old bicycle inner tube cannot fix. Old biccyle inner tubes cannot have an inferiority complex because they are superior. Duct Tape is stuck in the past.

Anonymous said...

The editor apparently can write better than he can read. It is the Tribune that has an inferiority complex relative to Duct Tape, not the inner tubes as indicated in the editor's post .