Wednesday, March 20, 2013

rally to save four-way stop

After the Rt. 50 construction is completed, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is planning to remove the four-way stop that has been installed at intersection of the local Arlington Blvd and Queen St., at the bridge over Rt. 50.  Local residents have been advocating for years to make that intersection a four-way stop so as to improve vehicle and pedestrian safety.  The four-way stop appears to be functioning well.   Join neighborhood residents in calling on VDOT to leave the four-way stop in place after the Rt. 50 construction!

The explosive information that the four-way stop is planned as temporary came up at tonight's Radnor Ft. Myer Heights Civic Association meeting.  Other items from the meeting:
  • the County Board has approved the Pierce-Queen Apartment redevelopment project
  • the use permit for the forthcoming year-round homeless shelter near the courthouse building has been approved
  • residents expressed concern to Wayne Wentz, Arlington County Bureau Chief for Transportation Engineering and Operating, about lack of parking in Rosslyn
  • the Rt. 50 construction with include an artistic bridge facade with LEDs providing color for the shaped concrete
  • picking up and dropping off passengers at the Rosslyn metro can only be done at the back entrance to the metro.  Hence the passenger has to either walk down the stairs or around the building.  That's difficult for mobility-impaired persons.
  • Here's information about the Silver Line, which will start running into Rosslyn this December.  WMATA has plans to further expand Rosslyn metro facilities as part of its long-term Momementum Plan


Anonymous said...

Do you have guidance on how best to put in the request with VDOT to keep the 4-way stop? Is there a petition, or anything along those lines? Thanks!

Douglas Galbi said...

Here's the VDOT Rt. 50 construction (Rosslyn Access Improvement Project) website. You could send the area construction engineer, Charles Mel Harvey, an email:

Calvin Britt, the VDOT Project Design Manager was at the RAFOM meeting and heard clearly from residents present that they wanted the 4-way stop to remain.