Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rosslyn Safeway gets new manager

Rosslyn's famous Safeway got a new manager last week.  The new manager's name is Tony.  Safeway's vegetable section is looking great today.

Get yourself some vegetables.  Here's an idea for dinner with broccoli and asparagus

In related news, an Ode Street Tribune reader commented about two months ago that Safeway's cranberries were three months old.  Ode Street Tribune readers are widely regarded as very well informed.  However, a Tribune investigative team has ascertained that Safeway regularly receives shipments of cranberries.  Safeway continues to distinguishing itself by selling fresh cranberries.  Fresh cranberries make a fine breakfast with raw oats and mixed nuts.

Update: The above report was based on a source deemed to be reliable.  Direct testing has revealed that the cranberries aren't very fresh.  If Safeway is getting shipments of cranberries, it's getting a lot of bad berries.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how the OST's journalist can maintain a balanced viewpoint on anything if he eats raw cranberries.

Anonymous said...

Tony what? I wonder if this Tony was the person I saw wandering the aisles yesterday evening with a guy who was loading up a big grocery cart with products past their date or otherwise compromised. As I watched I thought, hum, but that doesn't help the rest of us buying all the stuff they don't get to, which is equally dodgy. The store is flat out horrible. I am guessing the photo you took above if it's even from there is of the produce department in the morning. In the evening, when huge numbers of people shop, they never restock for us. It's common to be out of the most commonplace things. Last night there were only half gallons of whole milk (Safeway brand). This happens all the time. Except for Cathy (who is impossibly chipper, if a bit nuts), the entire staff has been abusive to customers. The place is dirty. For a long time I smelled a dying animal (rat?) somewhere hidden near one of the frozen food compartments. They routinely sell spoiled food. If I had a car, I would never set foot in there.