Thursday, May 30, 2013

mysterious structure in Rosslyn's Hillside Park

A mysterious structure in Rosslyn's Hillside Park appears to be a foundation of a historical building.  The remains included a clay cylinder set in concrete, which has now been destroyed in park renovation.  A piece of the cylinder is show on the left below. Other clay pieces are also present, as shown below on the right. Click on the photos to see larger versions of them.  Can you identify the history of the clay cylinder?

The site includes a variety of other interesting artifacts.  Large concrete segments of the historical structure still remain in the park.  The concrete appears to have been made from a coarse mixture of stones.   The structure included brickwork and at least one metal pipe.

Rosslyn is the most historic area of Arlington County.  Two years ago, a mysterious piece of wood appeared on Rhodes St. bridge.  The mysterious structure in Hillside Park creates further excitement and intrigue in the neighborhood. 

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