Thursday, June 6, 2013

rain won't quench SUPERNOVA

The SUPERNOVA free performance art festival begins this Friday in Rosslyn.  The chance of rain is 100%.  That doesn't matter.  Rain will be part of the performances. 

Among the many great artists performing on Friday, look for Erik Hokanson in Rosslyn's Freedom Park at 7pm.  He will be performing water boarding.  He will be tortured by the universe.

Ode Street Tribune management is interested in "The Do Nothing Machine."  Kathryn Cornelius will be managing this important performance in the park across the street from the main entrance to the Rosslyn metro station.  In related performances, Borealis Theare will be performing "Clowns on a Corner" at Central Space.  Brian Feldman will be performing "Really Casual Friday":
Riding the bus, making phone calls, photocopies, having lunch, observing both city life and other artist’s performances – Brian will be doing all of this, and more, while wearing his ultra-soft Turkish cotton bathrobe and Isotoner slippers.

Because a polo shirt and khaki pants just aren’t casual enough.

When you see Brian around Rosslyn, tweet about it using the hashtag #ReallyCasualFriday.
"The Do Nothing Machine," "Clowns on a Corner," and "Really Casual Friday" will take place for the duration of the standard workday, 9am to 5pm.  Come to Rosslyn during the Friday workday to get more of these work experiences into your Friday work day.
Sedate, fair-weather performance art aficionados will have lovely weather in Rosslyn this Saturday and Sunday to soak up a deluge of performance art.  Come and see what everyone will be talking about for months.

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