Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rosslyn already famous for Warhol's Silver Clouds

A mass of clouds converged on Rosslyn today to provide appropriate weather for Artisphere's grand opening of Andy Warhol's Silver Clouds.  The Silver Clouds evoke the patterned glitter created in the reflections among the surfaces of the gleaming towers in Rosslyn's center.  They are made from mass-produced industrial material.  They are atomically simple.  But together they create an intricate, dynamic environment that resonates with Rosslyn.
Andy Warhol's Silver Clouds are interactive art that invites joyful participation.  Jose Ortiz, Artisphere's Executive Director and the curator of Silver Clouds, was attracted to the work a decade ago at Queens Museum of Art.  He remembers:
As I looked around, someone dared to touch a Cloud, and then someone else did, literally setting art in motion. Often, there are barriers created between art and audience. Silver Clouds breaks those barriers and aligns with our focus on connecting our patrons directly to art, whether it be through physical touch or opportunities to engage with the artist.
The large crowd at tonight's opening reception frolicked in the Silver Clouds.  At times participants' activity spontaneously developed into something close to a mass, public pillow fight. Rosslyn forever will be famous for Andy Warhol's Silver Clouds.

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