Wednesday, January 8, 2014

arborist to examine Rosslyn mushroom tree

The Rosslyn mushroom tree, which has been expertly identified as a white oak, will be examined by the Arlington Country Arborist.  In an exclusive email interview with the Ode Street Tribune, local Urban Forest Ranger Steve Campbell wrote:
I can say the tree has unfortunately been declining in health for several years now.  The decline has been quite slow until the last couple of years, and last year the decline was more marked.  Last fall I noticed this tree also likely has a disease called bacterial leaf scorch (BLS).  BLS will eventually cause the tree to die back, branch by branch, until it is dead.  
The tree is not dead yet.  Enjoy it while it is still there.

Update: The Arlington County arborist is aware of this tree.  The tree is on private property.  The arborist does not think that it's likely to fall imminently.  He will examine it further this spring.  


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