Monday, June 16, 2014

Rosslyn is fruitful

Don't let Rosslyn's majestic skyline mislead you.  There's wild, juicy fruit to be had in Rosslyn.


Anonymous said...

Since the OST prides itself (justifiably) on being a responsible consumer friendly news source,when the OST posts picture of a plant with fruit (and an implication that it is edible) you should give the name of the plant and an indication of the risks of eating from that particular plant(for example you might note that lots of dogs seem to stop by that plant)

Anonymous said...

No risk of dog pee on that plant, guaranteed. As to edibility, OST has informal reports of persons eating the berries with no apparent problem. But that isn't advisable without an authoritative identification of the plant. Difficult financial circumstances at the Tribune regrettably don't allow a full investigative report on the plant.