Saturday, October 18, 2014

candidate forum this Monday

Candidates for Congress, County Board, Treasurer, and the School Board will speak and answer questions in a candidates' forum this Monday at 7pm in The Belvedere Condominium Party Room, 1600 N. Oak Street., Rosslyn. This candidate forum is jointly sponsored by the Radnor Fort Myer Heights Civic Association and the North Rosslyn Civic Association.

As a regional leader in culture and technology, Rosslyn plays a pivotal role in elections. The outcome of this candidates' forum may decide the outcome in the upcoming election on November 4.

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Anonymous said...

It is wonderful that the Ode Street tribune emphasizes and highlights the "pivotal role" that Rosslyn residents play in the upcoming elections. As you state, Rosslyn is a "regional leader in culture and technology". As such everyone in Rosslyn needs to realize the importance of their vote. Everyone needs to understand that their vote is important and "pivotal" in the coming election. Every vote counts and every vote is pivotal. I commend the Ode Street tribune for calling this to the attention of all the residents of Rosslyn. Good job well done.