Tuesday, January 20, 2015

guy with pickup truck does local hauling and moving

One day you may need to get some furniture or other stuff moved locally. If you don't have a golden-hearted friend with a pickup truck and a few hours to spend doing heavy work, don't despair. You can call Dan Pitcher at 703 309-2227. He's a get a regular desk job, but he does some local hauling and moving to help folks out and earn some additional money. He's strong, reliable, and easy to work with. He also charges very reasonable rates for local hauling and moving jobs. Based on the Ode Street Tribune's use of his services, we strongly endorse him.

The Ode Street Tribune's 2020 Forward Vision five-year strategic plan centers on renovating the Tribune's board room. The main goal is to create an atmosphere of gravitas consistent with Tribune's position as a world-class, industry-leading, traditional Rosslyn newspaper. The Tribune's Facilities Manager was tasked with purchasing a table around which the board could debate each day what was truly the day's front-page news.

The Tribune's Facilities Manager found a suitable table on sale at Costco in Pentagon City. The problem was how to get this massive table from Costco to the Tribune's third-floor corporate headquarters in Rosslyn. Renting a U-Haul truck would have been a pain in the ass. The Facilities Manager checked Craigslist and stumbled on Dan's ad. You never know what you're going to get on Craigslist. Dan turned out to be a  great find.

We arranged to meet at 9:20am Saturday morning. There he was at 9:20am Saturday morning on the minute. The whole job went so smoothly it was almost even fun. Dan helped to put the legs on the table and get it upright at a very reasonable hourly rate. He also provided the service of getting the old table and chairs out of corporate headquarters and taking them away to be sold or donated.

Local news doesn't just happen. Editors sitting around a table make the news. The Tribune would not be in its current news-making position without Dan Pitcher's excellent local hauling and moving service.

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