Thursday, January 29, 2015

power up with Rosslyn's solar charger

The park at the corner of Moore St. & 19th St. in Rosslyn offers everyone free power from the sun. This solar charging station emphasizes Rosslyn's leadership in green technology and its warm hospitality to everyone.

More street high-tech is on the way. Rosslyn BID, which installed the solar charger, is currently exploring custom-designed street lights. These street lights will "use solar power, create ambient light that changes color, charge cellphones and cars, and bring WiFi to Rosslyn." Rosslyn is not only historic, but also futuristic.


Anonymous said...

Those chargers should be made more friendly for charging Electric Bikes. Electric bikes are far better than electric cars and they should be promoted. The growth rate for electric bikes is higher than that for electric cars. Soon there will be more electric bikes than electric cars. The chargers need be made more bike friendly. The Ode Street Tribune should take up this cause

Douglas Galbi said...

Good point. The Tribune's journalist has seen a fair number of electric bikes while making the rounds of his Rosslyn neighborhood beat.