Friday, May 8, 2015

contribute to local transportation development

As a hub of multi-user trails, metro lines, and roads, Rosslyn is a leader in regional transport. You can help to shape transit development plans by participating in the Arlington Transit Transportation Development Plan Update Survey. Make your voice heard!

There's also a trip survey. The purpose:
In order to better identify transit service needs in Arlington, we'd like to learn more about where people travel to and from. Think of a trip that you make on a regular basis that either starts or ends in Arlington. This could be a trip to work, school, shopping, run errands, etc... It can be a trip that you usually drive, walk, bike or use transit for. Using the form below, fill in your trip’s starting location and ending location. ... You can submit as many trips as you like.
Submitting Rosslyn trips will help to ensure recognition of Rosslyn's importance in transportation networks.

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