Thursday, July 15, 2010

accident at corner of Rhodes St. bridge

A car and a cyclist collided about 8:30pm tonight on the Rhodes St. bridge just past the corner with Arlington Boulevard.  An ambulance took the cyclist to the hospital.  Her injuries appeared not to be life-threatening.

This neighborhood of Rosslyn has some dangerous intersections.  Sights lines at the Arlington Blvd. / Rhodes St. intersection are bad.  The same is true for the Arlington Blvd / N. Meade St. intersection.  Hazards at these intersections have been reported to Arlington County for a number of years.  Improvements, included the painted crossing zone, have been made at the Rhodes St. intersection.  Traffic engineers are currently studying the Arlington Blvd / Meade St. intersection, including bus traffic heading to and from the Iwo Jima.  

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