Sunday, September 26, 2010

Max stars at Clarendon Day

Clarendon Day drew a big crowd in sunny, hot weather.  The day's star was Moog's dog Max.  He displayed amazing tongue technique, curling his tongue and using it as a fan to help generate more airflow in the hot conditions.  A top Squadra Coppi cyclist used the same technique in a hard sprint to the finish in this year's Giro di Coppi.

Also at Clarendon Day were booths from neighborhood restaurants and local organizations, children's games, some impressive skateboarding shows, and live music all day long.  Some might think of Clarendon as just a place to have dinner before coming to Rosslyn for a cultural event.  But at least on Clarendon Day, Clarendon had a lot to offer.

[video included above]

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