Thursday, September 23, 2010

intersection traffic getting worse

Traffic this morning at the N. Meade St. / Arlington Blvd. intersection backed up past N. Nash St.  Some drivers were cutting that intersection by going up N. Nash St. and coming down 14th St. N.  But the 14th St / N. Meade intersection isn't good either.

Hear some good news: the paving of N. Lynn St. is complete.  The directional sign on the north side of the Meade St. bridge was knocked down.  It's now standing proudly with a new metal pole.

Arlington has hired the Toole Design Group to study pedestrian, bike, and car traffic from 19th St. near Key Bridge to Marshall Dr. alongside Arlington cemetery.  Two landscape architects were out surveying traffic yesterday.  A community meeting will be held in about a month to discuss the traffic situation.

Stay tuned to the Ode Street Tribune for further details.

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