Saturday, October 16, 2010

23 bikes stolen over last three months

In Arlington's police District 2, which includes Rosslyn, 23 bikes have been stolen over the past three months. Capt. Andy Penn, the new District 2 commander, encouraged residents to register their bikes.  Bike registration allows the police to return recovered bikes to the bikes' owners.

We can't image a more heinous crime than bike theft.  Bikes provide essential transportation and vital recreation.  Bike thieves should be put to hard labor planting trees.  After a few weeks of that, they should be sent to Phoenix Bikes to learn to build their own bikes from the many used bike parts readily available from dumpsters.


Anonymous said...

I think a fitting punishment would be to take away there driving license and make them bike instead.

Anonymous said...

Do you know where the bikes were stolen from? Atleast a dozen, inlcuding 2 of mine were found missing from my apartment bike cage today.

Douglas Galbi said...

Sorry about your bikes. I don't know the location (in District 2) of the other bike thefts. Where are you located (general neighborhood)?