Monday, October 25, 2010

Michelle Clifton gains seat on Westmoreland Condo Board

At tonight's Westmoreland Condo Board meeting, Michelle Clifton officially took over the Board seat of Valerie Corda, who has moved away.  Condo Board positions are unpaid positions.  Condo Board members strive to ensure that condo fees are spent well and that Westmoreland remains a nice place to live.   Show some appreciation for your Condo Board members' service by not pestering them with personal requests or calling them in the middle of the night.

The perennials approved at the August Condo Board meeting have not yet been planted.  They should be planted latter this week. 

The Board approved a three-year landscaping contract with Lancaster Landscaping at a cost of $27 thousand per year.  If landscaping performance is poor, the Board can terminate the contract at no cost with 30-days notice. 

The snow removal contract with Lancaster Landscaping for this winter was also renewed.  While there has been some confusion about the size of last winter's large snow removal bill, figures presented at this meeting show the total cost to have been $21 thousand.

An annual unit maintenance reminder notice will be sent soon to all owners and renters.

The Board and residents discussed the projected 10-year, 10% per year projected increase in condo fees. A special assessment to raise funds for roof and facade repairs was considered less desirable than a multi-year increase in condo fees.  Views differed on how this projected increase in condo fees would affect the level of Westmoreland condo fees relative to other similar condo buildings in the area.  Views also differed on the likelihood that some years subsequent to 10 years from now Westmoreland condo fees will be reduced.

Residents are reminded that they should not go on condo building roofs.  Doing so damages the roofing and increases the likelihood of leaks and expensive roof repairs.

Attending the meeting were Board members Jose Calvo, Jennifer Hastings, Joseph Ruland, and Emil Tabakov; residents Alicia, Douglas, Mark, and Meredith; and Property Manager Dennis Freeman.

Regularly scheduled Board meetings occur on the last Monday of the month at 7pm.  The posted announcement for this month's meeting incorrectly listed the meeting time as 7:30pm.  The next regularly scheduled Board meeting is Nov. 29, 7pm, in the onsite management office.

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