Saturday, November 27, 2010

caroling with professionals

The Arlington Temple United Methodist Church here in Rosslyn will host a free chamber music concert followed by a Christmas pot luck supper and Christmas caroling on Sunday, Dec. 12, starting at 7pm.  The chamber music concert will feature Dúo Alturas, two professional recording musicians playing South American and classical music arranged for guitar, charango, and viola.  Not only that, but Dúo Alturas will also join in a Christmas carol sing-a-long.  With enough high-proof spirits, the group may even head out into the neighborhood.  So here's your chance to carol with professionals.  If you can't sing, count on Dúo Alturas to supply the music.  You just add extra joy!

More: an Ode Street Tribune investigative report on Rosslyn's spiritual gas station.

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