Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rosslyn red-hot in bikeshare planning

Capital Bikeshare will be expanding in Arlington beginning this coming April.  As part of the planning for expansion, estimated demand/value for Bikeshare bikes has been mapped at a high geographic resolution.[*]  The bikeshare value is given for each area.  The highest bikeshare-value areas are shaded in red. 

Rosslyn is red all over.  With an estimated bike count of 50, the area of Rosslyn about the Artisphere exceeds all but the Ballston metro area in estimated bikesharing value.  At a bikesharing value of 28 bikes, the Radnor/Ft. Myers Heights neighborhood also appears propitious for bikesharing.

The attractiveness of the Radnor/Ft. Myers Heights neighborhood is no secret.  This neighborhood is so attractive that persons from far and wide come here every weekday morning to park their cars.  Bikesharing bikes will allow neighborhood visitors to get to the Rosslyn metro faster.  Hence visitors will have more time to relax and savor the beauty of the neighborhood and chat with the friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable persons who live here.

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[*] The mapping resolution is the census block group.  Below the estimated bike count figure is a seven-digit number that identifies the census block group.  That identifying number consists of the four-digit census tract number, followed by the two-digit census track number suffix, followed by the census block group number within that tract.

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