Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Crystal Couture selects Ode Street Tribune fashions for runway modeling

The prestigious Crystal Couture T-Shirt Design Competition has selected the Ode Street Tribune's fashions as finalists.  Professional models will walk in these fashionable outfits down the Crystal Couture runway in front of a roaring crowd of fashion aficionados.  Will the Washington Post have designs in this competition?  Will The Onion have designs in this competition?  TBD?  What about the rapidly growing Arlnow? The whole staff of the Ode Street Tribune joins together to congratulate ourselves on our outstanding performance among area news sources.

We interviewed an Ode Street Tribune staffer about this honor.  He reportedly said:
As a kid, I always wanted to be a journalist.  I dreamed of winning a Putzer Prize.  Last month when the Tribune won three Putzers, I thought, here I am, I'm living the dream.  But having fashion designs selected for Crystal Couture is even more dreamy.  Fashion models, not just in glossy magazines, but really live ... they're sooo beautiful... When I see one wearing my clothes, I'm gonna die.
Even if a gorgeous person won't be walking away in your clothes, you can still hope to die inside at Crystal Couture, opening this Tuesday night, Feb. 1, at 6pm at 1750 Crystal Dr. in Crystal City.  Crystal Couture will be happening through Sat., Feb. 5, with a full schedule of different runway shows every night.  The t-shirt-design runway showing will be on Tuesday at 9:45pm.

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