Sunday, January 23, 2011

Crystal Couture: Exotic and Elegant to Everything Everyday

Moving beyond last year's high-profile protest, tremendous excitement is building for this year's Crystal Couture to be held from Tuesday, Feb. 1 to Sat., Feb. 5 in Crystal City.  The theme of this year's Crystal Couture is "Exotic and Elegant to Everything Everyday."  The event includes runway fashion shows, many local boutiques selling cutting-edge fashions, hair and makeup makeovers, henna body decoration, and DJ musical entertainment.  Check the schedule for specific events each night.

One special event is a t-shirt design competition.  The competition is open to area fashion designers of all skill levels.  Professional fashion models will present the top designs on the Crystal Couture runway on the opening night of Crystal Couture.  Audience voting will determine the winning design.

Given Rosslyn's well-established reputation for aesthetic distinction, expect to see Rosslyn fashion designers well represented among the top designs.  With a large share of Rosslyn's fashion community likely to attend Crystal Couture, at least that share of audience is certain to recognize true fashion leadership.

The Ode Street Tribune has been working feverishly on its t-shirt designs for the Crystal Couture contest.  For exotic and elegant, the Tribune has developed a design that takes the urban sensibility of bike messenger chic to a new level of elegance in a blood-red, felted-cotton, black-tape fashion masterpiece.  For everything everyday, what can say everyday fashion better than an Ode Street Tribune t-shirt, in formal white, with a matching cap? 

Given the depth of fashion designer talent in Rosslyn and other major fashion centers, the Ode Street Tribune holds no illusions about its chances of success in the Crystal Couture competition.  But participatory journalism is the Tribune's avant-garde fashion.

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