Tuesday, January 18, 2011

vote for Rosslyn on (motor) vehicle decal

Voting is now underway for the Arlington 2011-2012 (motor) vehicle decal design.  Two years ago, following an influential Ode Street Tribune endorsement, Rosslyn's Key Bridge won the coveted spot on the (motor) vehicle decal and added to Rosslyn's strong reputation.   This year the Ode Street Tribune enthusiastically endorses the design entitled "multi-faced Arlington."  Here's the designer's statement:
The hill in the picture represents Arlington’s hilly landscape. The bike and the bike path represent Arlington’s great bike paths. The tree in the picture represents Arlington’s many parks. The person reading represents Arlington’s nice libraries. The skyline is the skyline of Rosslyn. The last part is the sun, which represents Arlington’s beautiful sunsets. All six things represent the different greatnesses of Arlington.
You'll notice that this description applies a fortiori to Rosslyn itself.  Of course, forward-moving Rosslyn embraces the newer, video-oriented conception of a library.  The person on the decal appears to be actually watching a video on an iPad.

Do your democratic duty.  Vote for multi-faced Arlington/Rosslyn for the (motor) vehicle decal design!

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