Monday, March 7, 2011

Hillside Park improvements

An ecologically appropriate public artwork has been installed in Hillside Park.  It helps to restore the park's natural beauty after a horrendous, half-million-dollar renovation strung stainless steel, black metal, and concrete around this urban forest's perimeter.  The source and amount of funding for the new sculpture isn't clear.  The artist, in keeping with the non-egoistical style of natural beauty, apparently declined to have a name plaque installed.  

Some new plantings have also been added to Hillside Park.  One is a witch hazel (Hamemelis virginiana).  That's a native Virginian small tree/large shrub with a dense structure of branches.  It will add density to the park, which is particularly appropriate given the additional building density being added to Rosslyn.  It flowers in mid-fall with golden, tassel-like flowers.

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