Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rosslynian's images of the world

While many Rosslynians are content to enjoy the pleasant life here in Rosslyn, some occasionally venture abroad.   Rosslynian L. Scott Shelton's foreign travels have taken him far beyond Courthouse and the District.  He's ridden the trans-Siberian railway across Russia, bicycled solo across Australia, and traveled in Bangladesh, Bolivia, and Burma, just to begin the list.  His website offers a magnificent photo gallery of images from around the world.  He explains:
From a very early age I've had an acute awareness of all there is to see out there. This has been both a blessing, which has spurred me to travel to far-flung places to see the world's wonders, as well as something of a curse as my constant yearnings to "get out there" rub up against the inescapable demands of daily life.
If at some time Rosslyn decides, given its close relations with Mongolia, to post its own ambassador in Mongolia, L. Scott Shelton would be an excellent choice.

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The above photo is L. Scott Shelton's Early Morning Glimpse (Uttar Pradesh, India, 1998).  Reproduced with permission.

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