Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tsam mask making fun

In conjunction with the Hamtdaa:Together exhibition at Artisphere, master Mongolian mask-making artist Natsag Gankhuyag will be leading Tsam mask-making classes at Artisphere.  Natsag Gankhuyag created the Tsam masks and costumes shown in the Hamtdaa:Together exhibition.  The mask-making classes will take place on Saturday and Sunday, Apr. 2 & 3, 2-5pm (for persons ages 15 and older) and on Sat., Apr. 9, 2-5pm (for persons ages 6 to 14).  The cost of the class is $25 person.  Register here.

Artisphere's WIP gallery currently features materials and documentation on making Tsam masks and costumes. This Sunday at 2pm the gallery will feature the building of a ger, a portable dwelling structure that Mongolian nomads traditionally used.  Next time you go camping, impress your friends by erecting a ger!

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