Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Westmoreland tree cracked

A large branch on one of Westmoreland Terrace's huge, magnificent trees has cracked.  This Thursday a crane and tree surgeons will be at Westmoreland for an emergency amputation of the limb.  This operation will cost the condo association several thousand dollars.

To make way for the emergency tree operation, cars must be removed by 7:30am on Thursday from the fifteen parking spaces near the recycling bins on the interior curb-line of Westmoreland's N. Ft. Myer Dr. parking lot.  These spots are at the rear of 1322 N.Ft. Myer Dr.  Cars can return to those parking spaces after 5pm on Thursday.

While having a tree lose a large limb and the condo association spend additional money is unfortunate, the situation could have been much worse.  Consider the situation as a good reason to look up.

As an Ode Street Tribune reader, you have the good luck to be informed that Thursday is St. Patrick's Day.  Celebrate St. Patrick's Day by making your home more green.  Arlington's Under One Roof blog is running a green living series that offers ideas for helping the environment and reducing energy bills (that's a green green benefit).  You can find there information on solar panels as well as the common-sense advice of starting with an energy audit and simple, low-cost remedial measures.

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