Saturday, April 2, 2011

going down in Rosslyn

Blasting in a hole near the Rosslyn metro is now occurring nightly from 1am to 5am.  The hole will contain high-speed elevators being installed as part of the Rosslyn Metro Station Access Improvements Project.  Once the blasting gets deeper, it will also occur during the day.  Strobe light signals (for night blasting) and horns (for day blasting) will warn persons in the area when a blast will occur.  Here are details on the blasting signals.

Measures have been taken to lessen vibrations and noise.  Particularly notable is a blasting mat woven from old rubber car tires.  That's an excellent example of recycling.  Bicycle inner tubes that no longer hold air also can still be useful.  Notwithstanding an expected backlash from the duct tape community, old bicycle inner tubes are increasingly being recognized as more useful than duct tape.

You can find many ways to re-use formerly wasted material.   Be creative!


Anonymous said...

Your assertion that "old bicycle inner tubes are increasingly being recognized as more useful than duct tape" is totally unsupported by the facts. The number of old bicycle inner tubes that are re-cycled is minuscule, while the amount and variety of duct tape that is available to the public continues to increase. Duct tape now comes in several colors in addition to the standard gray color. Those who denigrate duct tape deserve to have "something" break with no duct tape available for a repair.

Douglas Galbi said...

Good point about colors. Since old bicycle inner tubes are black, they tend to stand out when you use them to repair furniture.

Anonymous said...

see the article referenced below about a prom dress made out of duct tape.
Can you do that with bicycle inner tubes?

Douglas Galbi said...

That's an impressive dress. But a prom dress is once-in-a-lifetime clothing. Old bike inner tubes will hold up your pants Monday through Sunday. Braces or belt!