Sunday, April 3, 2011

meet with friends for drinks at Artisphere

Tired of noisy, crowded, boring bars and restaurants?  Artisphere is the perfect place to spend some quality time with friends. It's a casual, comfortable atmosphere with a variety of interesting exhibits and displays to browse with your friends. Starting April 5, Artisphere's cafe and bar Here will be serving a good selection of beers, wines, margarittas, and Mojitos.  So you can have a drink and a conversation without needing to yell to communicate with the person right next to you.

You can also have some food.  According to Here's co-owner Karen Barroso, big hits at the April 1 Here launch party were the mushroom burger (vegetarian mushroom patties / lettuce / tomato / onion / salsa verde), the Here Burger (local dry aged beef / serrano ham / machego cheese/ avocado/ ancho chili aioli), and meatballs (served with hominy polenta/ chipotle salsa).  Local foodie Queen Cuisine favored the three meats sandwich:
Hands down my favorite item was the three meats sandwich. I thought the blending of the salty meats topped with the tart red wine vinegar all bundled on some fresh french bread was just the right combination of flavors.
While Here offers some different tastes, don't expect a small morsel of high-priced food with an exotic name.  Barroso believes in providing good value.  So you can go to Here at Artisphere just when you get a craving for a different bite to eat.

Artisphere, unfortunately, is experiencing major shortfalls in revenue and visitors.  Part of the problem seems to be that persons who don't read the Ode Street Tribune and other fine news sources aren't even aware of Artisphere's existence.  Artisphere is crucial for making downtown Rosslyn more than just an office park.  Artisphere supports deep, imaginative personal interactions.  Go to Artisphere, or they will fade away!

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