Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rosslyn all week long

The Ode Street Tribune's favorite magazine is Rosslyn magazine.  The back cover of recent issues of this informative and entertaining traditional print publication has featured a nearly full page advertisement for Monday Properties.  The ad describes Monday Properties as "Rosslyn's largest and most committed commercial landlord."  Monday Properties owns and operates some magnificent buildings in Rosslyn.  Moreover, Monday Properties is currently constructing the landmark 1812 N. Moore St. building.  That building will be the tallest office building in the Metro DC area.

Unfortunately, the Monday Properties' advertisement in Rosslyn magazine suggests that Monday Properties doesn't fully appreciate Rosslyn.  The top of the advertisement, in bold, capital letters, declares, "IF YOU'RE IN ROSSLYN, IT MUST BE MONDAY."

Although the Ode Street Tribune is a small, struggling organization, it fearlessly pursues truth, justice, and the Arlington Way.  The Ode Street Tribune has bravely stood up to the massive Cargill Corporation and called on it to label truthfully and fairly its turkey chops that are sold in Rosslyn's Safeway. Today, the Tribune calls on Monday Properties to proclaim the greatness of Rosslyn all week long.  Monday Properties should change the text in its advertisement to emphasize that Rosslyn is a great place to be not just for the start of the work week, but Monday through Sunday, days, evenings, and nights.

Urbane, highly intelligent, and public-spirited readers, please offer suggestions for better text for the Monday Properties headline in the comments below.   Here's are some ideas that the managing editor has beat out of our reporters' poverty-stunted brains:
  • If you come to Rosslyn for Monday, you'll want to stay through Sunday.
  • Monday Properties makes Rosslyn's Monday evenings as fun as Friday evenings.
  • With Monday Properties, your work week will be better because your whole week is better.
Contribute to proclaiming the great value of being in Rosslyn all week long!

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Andrew said...

Rosslyn starts every week off right. With Monday.