Thursday, May 12, 2011

lessen mistakes with a one-way sign

Twice in the past few years an Ode Street Tribune reporter has seen a car exit from the Rosslyn Safeway parking lot with a left turn onto Wilson Blvd.  That's going the wrong way on a one-way street.  Fortunately Wilson is wide, but the situation nonetheless could create a bad accident.  Adding a one-way sign on the pole across the street would help lessen the frequency of wrong-way mistakes.  A white arrow on the road right in front of the exit would be even better.


james said...

Isn't that driveway at the Rosslyn Safeway entrance only? Isn't the exit back on 18th st?

Anonymous said...

no, the exit is just uphill from the entrance. considering that the drivers had to enter from wilson blvd, they should be aware that they were already on a one-way street. you can lead a horse to knowledge, but you can't make it think.