Friday, May 13, 2011

Rosslyn BID highlights Rosslyn's leading metro position

The 9th Annual Meeting of the Rosslyn Business Improvement District (BID) yesterday evening featured as guest speaker Richard Sarles, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) General Manager.  As a primary gateway to northern Virginia, Rosslyn has a key position in regional transportation networks.  Rosslyn is also a model of metro-centered development and one of the busiest metro stations. 

Some notes from Mr. Sarles presentation (included in full in the video below):
  • Top priorities are creating a safety culture at WMATA and improving reliability.
  • WMATA is acquiring some new cars that will be among the best railroad cars in the country.
  • WMATA on Wednesday finalized an agreement with Google for online WMATA routes and timetables.  Mr. Sarles was enthusiastic about new information technologies.
  • A virtual tunnel (passing between the stations above ground at no fare cost) will be implemented between Farragut West and Farragut North this fall.
  • WMATA has no plans for a general reduction in late evening hours; selected reductions at particular metro stops may occur if needed for particular repairs.

Arlington County Board Member Mary Hynes introduced Mr. Sarles.  She noted that if the area were to implement a "Take Your Car to Work Day," anyone who didn't understand the importance of metro surely would then.

Cecilia Cassidy, Rosslyn BID Executive Director, reviewed BID activities over the past year. These activities include helping homeless persons in Rosslyn, community welcoming and cleaning services, beautification and landscaping, concerts and community events, parking and pedestrian safety improvements, and work with and financial support for Artisphere.  Rosslyn's Gateway Park Film Fest last year attracted 15,000 viewers.  This year it's happening every Friday night through August 26.

Artisphere is crucial for 24/7, Rosslyn-round-the-clock community vibrancy.  Rosslyn BID seems to recognize that reality and is contributing significantly to making Artisphere a success.  Ms. Cassidy noted that Artisphere is a highly distinctive space that's available for rental for events.  Businesses, organizations, and individuals that want to have an event within an environment of creativity and high-quality media technology should explore Artisphere.   How about a dramatic descent down the open, curving stairway in the Town Hall and a huge video wall of childhood scenes for your over-the-top, blowout wedding?

Rosslyn BID President Stuart H. Miller conducted the election of new 2011-2012 members of the BID Board of Directors. The new members are: Bryan Moll (JBG Companies), Leigh Carter (Vornado/Charles E. Smith), Peter N. Greenwald (Penzance Companies), Stuart H. Miller (The Miller Companies), Greg Raines (Holiday Inn Rosslyn), Linda Cogburn (Monday Properties), Kevin O'Tool (ABC 7/News Channel 8), Debby Ruffin (BAE Systems), Kip Laramie (Santa Fe Cafe), and Peter W. Berk (Waterview Residences).

Note: The Ode Street Tribune's hard-working staff was up late last night to serve the public with this important local news.  Unfortunately, the Tribune's printer was apparently having equipment difficulties.  If these problems persist, we will consider switching to a hand press or a  mimeograph.

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