Saturday, May 14, 2011

peep show at Artisphere attracting big crowds

The opening of a multi-scene peep show at Artisphere on last Saturday attracted over 1000 viewers.  A large number of enthusiastic and happy children made their own peep shows at free Artisphere workshops today.  Another set of family peep-show workshops will be held next Saturday, May 21, at noon, 1:30pm and 3pm (no registration required).  If you have kids ages 6 to 12, you should also check out Artisphere's Art Brains, a Saturday afternoon creative camp for kids.

Peep shows are not only fun to view, but also educational. The exhibit program noted:
Americans ate more than 600 million Marshmellow Peeps and Bunnies this Easter.
Peeps®, which are like marshmellows with some extra sugar decoration, have the following ingredients:
sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, and less than 0.5% potassium sorbate (a preservative), natural flavors, Red #3 (dye), and Carnauba wax.
Play with this "food," don't eat it.  Peep shows help to teach children and adults the difference between colorful toys and real, truly satisfying food.

Above is a photo of one of the finest peep scenes in Artisphere's peep show.  It's "Escalator Collapse at Peepy Bottom Station," by Elliot Seibert and Claudine Roshanian.  It re-presents the escalator collapse at Foggy Bottom Metro Stop on Feb. 18, 2011.  Rosslyn's escalators fortunately have been performing impressively.

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