Wednesday, May 18, 2011

obey all traffic signals

About a week ago, styling bicycle stoplights were installed on the Custis Trail in Rosslyn.  Rosslyn is a world leader in artistic bicycle racks.  Having these stoplights installed in Rosslyn is thus quite fitting.  Keep in mind, however, that cyclists are required to obey all traffic signals, not just styling bicycling stoplights.  It's not just the law.  It's a good idea.

Cyclists are also required to yield to pedestrians.  Cyclists should treat pedestrians as they would like motor vehicle drivers to treat them.  For me, that means treat pedestrians with great concern for their safety and enjoyment.  Don't ring your bell aggressively at them or shout at them as you go by.

Bike To Work Day is this Friday.  Expect a huge crowd at the Rosslyn pitstop.

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