Saturday, May 7, 2011

walk down the Artisphere's Mezz Gallery

Artisphere's Mezz Gallery is now hosting Alberto Gait├ín's installation, Carrier.  The little red robot travels back and forth across the long, narrow Mezz Gallery.  The installation calls to mind an office worker stuck in a rut.  Yet possibilities for creativity exist even for this robot in a rut.  Look closely and listen, and you will perceive a huge, stringed instrument.  The bottom arm of the robot plays a long, thin metal wire.  The robot is not in reality merely stuck in a rut.  The robot responds to the number and activity of persons in the Mezz Gallery. 

After a frustrating day of work, walk to the Artisphere and walk down the Mezz Gallery.  You will be inspired with possibilities for creativity.

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