Wednesday, July 27, 2011

children's playground going into Ft. Myer Heights Park grass

A proposed renovation of the Ft. Myer Heights Park will move the children's playground down to the grassy area of the park along Ft. Myer Dr.  The children's playground will be enlarged and equipped with more, new play equipment.  The playground will have two different sets of play equipment: one set for children ages 2-5, and another set for children ages 6-12.  The set of equipment for children ages 2-5 will be surrounded by a four-foot-high fence.  In addition, a wooden wheelchair path will be built to provide disability access to the picnic area in the upper part of the park.

A significant open design issue is the treatment of the basketball court and the use of the space beyond the basketball court.  The space beyond the basketball court now contains a small playground and an open space with a picnic table.  Possibilities include enlarging the basketball court, replacing it with a handball, volleyball, or tennis court, or making the space into an open, natural space.  The Ode Street Tribune opposes any extension of asphalt and favors open, natural space.  The world already has enough pavement.

A design committee of neighborhood residents will review proposals for the park renovations in a meeting on Aug. 25.  The final proposal likely will be presented at the September RAFOM meeing. Construction will begin in the spring of 2012.  The total budget for the project is $559,000.  If you're interested in joining the design committee, contact Arlington County designer Aaron Wohler at 703 228-7928 or awohler at 

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