Wednesday, August 17, 2011

fire alarm on Ft. Myer Dr.

Approximately 10:32pm last night, the Arlington County Fire Department responded to a call at 1215 N. Fort Myer Dr.  Rosslyn's own Fire Station 10 was first on the scene with its hook-and-ladder Engine 110.  Station 1 on Glebe Rd. came in with hook-and-ladder Engine 101.  Station 9 from the Nauck neighborhood contributed Rescue 109.  This vehicle handles the human side of an apartment fire disaster.  The largest vehicle was the Hazardous Material Response Team's truck-and-trailer, also coming out of the Glebe Rd. station.  Overall, it was a spectacular display of fire trucks.

Given that Arlington contains the Pentagon and the historically important Westmoreland Terrace Condominiums (just across from this fire call), the Arlington Fire Department needs top-notch fire-fighting capabilities.  While not everyone can have a life-sized fire truck, you can contribute to fire security by making sure that you have a working smoke detector.

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