Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hatch green chile specials at Santa Fe Cafe

Rosslyn's Santa Fe Cafe has a lineup of specials this month featuring the in-season Hatch green chiles.  Hatch green chiles come from near the town of Hatch in southern New Mexico:
The Hatch Chile Festival is an annual event that occurs each Labor Day. This event attracts people world wide to a place known as the chile capital of the world. The small town (population 1,673 in 2000) has accommodated up to 30,000 people for this event. This small farming community is known world wide for raising very good chile.
One of the Hatch green chile specials at Santa Fe Cafe this week is Mushroom, Green Chile, Chorizo over Polenta:
Seasoned and grilled portabellas, shiitakes, link chorizo, green chiles and goat cheese are served on a bed of creamy polenta with fried onion strings
Tears are salting our staff's Taco Bell burritos as they think about these Santa Fe Cafe specials!

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