Thursday, September 8, 2011

watering and sprouting

Rosslyn's past five straight days of rain have propelled it into the ranks of world-leaders India (monsoon season) and Oregon (all year long) in providing beautiful weather for plants and gardens.  But what about Rosslyn's landless class of mere wage workers?  Because they don't have any land to cultivate, they don't benefit from all the rain. 

Karen's magnificent herb garden, a Reserve Grand Champion at this year's Arlington County Fair, offers hope for Rosslyn's landless class.  It takes landless herb gardening from subsistence farming to highly civilized gardening.  Follow Karen's lead to help develop our local economy.

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Anonymous said...

Apparently after having taken a day off, the editor is not yet back up to the usual high Ode Street Tribune standards. It was surprising to find in the Ode Street Tribune an erroneous statement about rain in Oregon. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Climatic Data Center, the rain in Oregon in July was 0.72 inches. The rain in August was 0.09 inches, and thus far in September, the total is 0.0 inches. Hardly a constant rain as stated in the Ode Street Tribune. We look forward to a return to the high standards of accuracy that previously were a hallmark of the Ode Street Tribune.