Thursday, October 27, 2011

Morroys deliver singing endorsement of Stamos

Arlington Commissioner of Revenue Ingrid Morroy and her twin sister Judith Morroy delivered a singing endorsement of Theo Stamos for Commonwealth Attorney earlier this year.  Theo Stamos won her primary contest and is now running unopposed for Commonwealth Attorney.  Ingrid Morroy is running unopposed for re-election as Commissioner of the Revenue.  Complete coverage of these and other candidates' presentations at this past Wednesday night's RAFOM candidate forum is upcoming on the Ode Street Tribune this Saturday.

Ingrid and Judith Morroy are members of the Arlington-based, alternative-world-music band, The Constituents.  In an interview with the Ode Street Tribune at the candidate's forum, Morroy said that she considered giving a musical presentation of her program initiatives for 2012-2015. She also said that her twin sister had considered running against her.  The Ode Street Tribune supports and participates in such forms of public-spirited entertainment. That can help to get more residents involved with local public affairs.

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