Tuesday, November 15, 2011

bull riding in Rosslyn

Rosslyn is not only a center of fashion, media, and military industries, it's also the go-to hangout for urban cowboys. Your average cowboy, whether in the back country or in an urban village, would swallow her chewing tobacco before she set foot in an art gallery.  Not so for Artisphere.  Artisphere has a rocking program of contradancing, swing dancing, and salsa dancing.   Now Artisphere also offers bull riding.

The bull rides are part of Steve Jones' Dinner Bell series.  You can choose to ride T-Bone Steak or Cooked Chicken.  If you're looking for some rough and tough action, Cooked Chicken is your best choice. But don't get on this bull if you have back problems or neck problems.  You could get seriously hurt.  Yee haw!

Note: this post includes a video. If you don't see the video in your email reader, go to the post on the Ode Street Tribune.

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Anonymous said...

Typical Yankees - think hoping on a mechanical turkey that sways back and forth is bull riding. Clearly the Tribune needs to do better research - try starting with someone from Texas!