Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Westmoreland decides to fix potholes

Less than 200 yards away from the still-gaping Ft. Myer St potholes is a pothole in the Westmoreland Terrace Condominiums parking lot.  At last night's condo board meeting, the board decisively decided to repair the Westmoreland pothole. The pothole apparently arose from bad quality repair of cracks in the parking lot during the last parking lot resurfacing.  Unsatisfied with the quality of that work, Westmoreland has withheld final payment for it.

Other items from last night's board meeting:
  • The board discussed a draft of the reserve study.  The final study will be available for residents to review shortly.  The main conclusion of the study is that Westmoreland's reserves are sound in relation to the physical condition of the complex.
  • The next parking lot resurfacing will require milling the existing surface.  Milling will create extra expense and inconvenience.  
  • The board approved a $2,900 expenditure for the 2012 condo association financial audit.
  • The board will investigate the cost of pruning trees that overhang roofs, thus contributing to pest squirrel problems.
  • Residents failing to bag and dispose of pet wastes is a concern.  The board is considering purchased of five Doody Calls pet waste disposal stations.  The community could avoid the cost and sight of such stations if residents would be more conscientious in doing their duty. 
The regularly scheduled December condo board meeting is canceled.  The next regularly scheduled condo board meeting is Monday, Jan. 30, 2012.

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