Saturday, December 10, 2011

proposed trail tunnel under N. Lynn St. near Key Bridge

The N. Lynn Street Esplanade and Lee Highway/Custis Trail Improvement Project is considering the construction of a pedestrian/bike tunnel under N. Lynn St. at its intersection with Lee Highway just before Key Bridge.  This intersection is very dangerous.  Adding a tunnel would greatly improve safety. 

However, making the Custis Trail into a highway similar to Rt. 66 might deprive trail users of opportunities to contemplate the beauty of Rosslyn.  Perhaps a better long-term solution would be to incoporate a Lynn St. intersection by-pass in a new pedestrian access bridge connecting downtown Rosslyn to the west bank of the Potomac.  Cyclists and pedestrians should be encouraged to come into Rosslyn, not merely go around her and ignore her.

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Anonymous said...

actually, the proposal is to replace rosslyn with a tunnel. The tunnel under lynn st is dead, dead dead