Monday, February 27, 2012

Westmoreland moves to large recycling bins

At tonight's Westmoreland Terrace Condominiums Board meeting, the Board approved a plan to replace the individual recycling bins with two large recycling bins.  Arlington's recycling center accepts a co-mingled recycling stream.  Hence having separate bins for separate types of recycling isn't necessary. Moving to two large recycling bins will make recycling simpler and will reduce Westmoreland's recycling collection costs from $200 a month to $140 a month.  That's a 30% savings.

Properly identifying trash for recycling remains important.  Here's a list of recyclable material.  Pizza boxes containing half-eaten pizza are NOT recyclable.  Non-recyclable material in the recycle bins can cause a lot of waste.  When in doubt, keep it out.

Other items from the Board meeting:
Condo Board members Jose Calvo, Jennifer Feinleib, and Joe Ruland; residents Douglas, Gretchen, Michelle and her spouse; and Zalco Property Manager Dennis Freeman attended the meeting.  The next regularly scheduled condo board meeting is Monday, Mar. 26 at 7pm in the condo office.


22209 said...

Yay! Am very happy about this, because the small recycling bins fill up far too quickly. Thanks for the great news!

Stew said...

I agree with the number above. Not only are those a mess to architectural columns and beauty of the surroundings, they also are breeding grounds for bacterias and all that.