Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hirshhorn projects Rosslyn views and feelings

Doug Aitken's SONG 1, now enveloping the Hirshhorn Museum, poignantly evokes views and feelings of Rosslyn.  The similarities between Rosslyn's architecture and that of the Hirshhorn Museum are obvious.  Both provide propitious spaces for video art.  Aitken also makes superb compositional use of the environment around the building, including trees and public art. Trees and public art contribute importantly to the sense of Rosslyn.  A photo/video projection above Central Space in downtown Rosslyn in 2009 highlighted Rosslyn's fast-paced urban scene.  Aitken's work has a more languid and lyrical sense, a personal plea underneath the personal declaration.  Yet in Rosslyn, even in the midst of its major media corporations, there's also a personal voice.  You are here, and so am I.  This is Rosslyn.  Millions live in other places, but they all disappear from view.  I only have eyes for you.

Artisphere's Dome would make a wonderful canvas for further Aitken video art. Unfortunately, even given Rosslyn's unquestionable artistic allure, Artisphere's meagre current budget probably couldn't sustain Aitken. But don't count out prospects for artistic development in Rosslyn.

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